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General information for .pl domain

.pl is the country-specific Internet Domain (ccTLD) from Poland.

The Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic Sea, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast. It also shares a maritime border with Denmark and Sweden. Poland joined the European Union (EU) on 1 May 2004

.pl domains are especially favourable for companies and private persons, who have economical, political or cultural relations to Poland.

.pl Domainservice

Rules and regulations for .pl domain

.pl domains underly the domain names regulations of NASK.
NASK is the Polish national registry of Internet names in the .pl domain.

.pl Domainservice

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Price details for .pl Domainservice

Domainservice for .pl domain with new registration *
Set up Monthly fee Period
0.00 EUR 2.52 EUR 12 months
Domainservice for .pl domain with transfer *
Set up Monthly fee Period
0.00 EUR 2.52 EUR 12 months
Domainservice for .pl domain after initial period *
Set up Monthly fee Period
0.00 EUR 2.52 EUR 12 months
* Click here for further price- & tariff conditions.

Module base price per month incl. 0% VAT for United States for yearly payment in advance,
if applicable plus one-time setup fee as well as fees for domainservice and extensions of your choice.
Modules may be not available separately or not without other modules.

Prices may vary depending on residence of client and local VAT rates (directives 2006/112/EG and 2008/8/EG).

Final price of your desired configuration incl. residence-depending VAT will be displayed at completion of package configuration incl. all price components.
Prerequisite for use is a common personal computer including internet access, up-to-date web browser and state-of-the art security software (not included in price).
We reserve the right to update technical specifications in terms of product development and system security updates without further notice.

For detailed contract terms please see underlying terms and conditions.